Aug 30, 2017, 7:10 PM
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Russian official: Trump aims to put pressure on Iran, Russia, China

Moscow, Aug 30, IRNA – US President Donald Trump's new strategy in Afghanistan aims to put pressure on Iran, Russia and China, Chairman of the Social Council at the Russian Defense Ministry Igor Korotchenko said.

Trump's strategy is the same as that of Barack Obama and he actually has taken no fresh strategy towards Afghanistan, Korotchenko told Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) on Wednesday.

US objective to enter Afghanistan which is under the pretext of fighting terrorism is in fact its military presence to control regional countries such as Russia and China, he said.

The mentioned approach is White House foreign policy in the region, Korotchenko added.

Afghanistan has not experienced peace since US Forces entered the country, he said.

Korotchenko went on to say that the country is the victim of terrorist bombardment on civilians.

American Forces have brought about no security in Afghanistan and there is no powerful central government in that country yet, Korotchenko noted.

He pointed to the importance of cooperation between Tehran and Moscow, and said that both countries' convergence has blocked the US and West to find a way to enter the Caspian Sea.

Tehran and Moscow underscore safeguarding the region in the absence of foreigners, he said.

Iran and Moscow are fighting terrorism in the region while the US and its allies are taking advantage of the terrorist groups to reach geopolitical aims in the region, Korotchenko said.

Korotchenko went on to say that Iran and Russia efforts brought fruitful efforts to solve the Syrian crisis.