Pakistan parliament passes two anti-US resolutions in one day

Islamabad, Aug 30, IRNA – Parliament of Pakistan, including the Senate and National Assembly, on Wednesday passed two separate Anti-America resolutions, strongly rejecting new US policy on Afghanistan and South Asia.

Both houses of the parliament, National Assembly and Senate in their separate resolutions termed the statements of US President Trump and General John Nicholson, top US commander in Afghanistan as hostile and threatening.

Pakistan Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif presented the resolution in the National Assembly in the presence of Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi.

Khawaja Asif, presenting the resolution, said the National Assembly rejects Trump's recent policy statement as well as Gen Nicholson's claims regarding the presence of Taliban shuras in Quetta and Peshawar.

'The House denounces the complete disregard of Pakistan's sacrifices by the US,' he said, adding that the National Assembly stands by the armed forces of Pakistan in their fight against terrorism.

The resolution also termed the statements of Trump and General Nicholson against Pakistan as hostile and threatening. The resolution said Pakistan desires peace in Afghanistan.

Once the speaker presented the resolution on the floor, it was adopted unanimously.

Meanwhile, Senate in its resolution recommended that the government to launch a regional diplomatic initiative to coordinate responses to US President Donald Trump’s new Afghan policy, which takes a dim view of Pakistan’s anti-terrorism efforts.

The resolution also says that Pakistan’s viewpoint should not only be conveyed to friendly countries, but also to the allies of the United States.

The US ambassador should be called to the Foreign Office and be informed about parliamentary proceedings on the issue, the resolution further suggests.

The Senate recommended that the government to prepare a fact sheet on American assistance to Pakistan in order to clear the air on how much reimbursements have actually been received under the Coalition Support Fund.

The resolution also wants the security establishment to take note of the United States’ plan to increase the number of its troops in Afghanistan and maintain their presence for an indefinite period.

The resolution rejects Trump’s remarks as 'one-sided' and points out that the US president put the entire blame on Pakistan while ignoring its legitimate concerns.