Aug 30, 2017, 4:17 PM
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Disabled journalist couple publish their life story

Tehran, Aug 29, IRNA – 'Just Around the Corner' by Reza Bahar and Razieh Kebari, a physically-challenged couple both of whom work in the press, is to be unveiled Thursday.

Bahar who was born with serious brain impairment and Kebari who lost her sight when she was at youth share their hopes and difficulties with the reader in a 160-page jointly-written autobiography.

Reza Bahar, who is a translator at IRNA English Desk, said, 'The book is bitter humor of our life, which we narrate frankly and straightforwardly.'

Bahar said, 'I call it 'humor' because life is life with all its ups and downs and we need to keep smiling at it; and 'bitter' since it may be a mild fillip to constructive people's heart and mind so as to do what they can to facilitate the lives of the people of disability due to righteousness, not thanks to sympathy.'

Bahar added, 'The value of the book, in addition to the parts Razieh is movingly detailing on her painful ordeal of going blind, is due to the fact that very few people dare to elaborate on the most private angles and tight corners of their lives so forthrightly, and all for making a change.'

The not-very-long book tries to show the society that, despite having disabilities and challenges and being, kind of, abnormal, how a disabled family has to live a normal and, maybe, violent life to survive.

We read in the book how Razieh started to lose sight at a young age, how the advancing disease changed her life and created new problems for her, and how she embraced the new situation and started to work at Iran-e Sepid (White Iran), the first newspaper for the blind in the world.

The cover of the book, which has been designed by the disabled artist Taraneh Milani, shows a carpet loom whose warp and weft do not look normal, conveys the message that each person should create his own tapestry.

The book depicts how a sightless woman who has never seen her son and may never be able to do so, cherishes, feeds and raises him.

The blurb of the book says, 'We tie knot on knot on the standing loom to create our own tapestry.'

I wonder if this 'bitter humor' touches your heart and mind or not, but you can at least hang this life-woven tapestry on a wall in your memory to remember 'just around the corner' there are people struggling to live despite all their limitations and hardships.

The book is to be unveiled in conference on the visually-impaired starting a family at Kashan University, central Iran on August 30-31.

Written by: Parvin Orouji
Translated by: Hossein Abolghasemi