Aug 30, 2017, 3:08 PM
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Iranian President addresses key issues in live TV program

Tehran, Aug 30, IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday (Aug 29) in his first live TV interview since his inauguration on August 5 underlined that his new government's programs are complementary to the programs of his previous government.

Referring to the major domestic, political, economic and social issues as well as key regional and international developments, the President said that programs of his new administration are indeed continuation of his previous.

**Foreign policy
President Rouhani called for friendly ties with the neighboring states and underscored establishment of a win-win relations with Iran's neighbors.
'We enjoy good relations with all neighbors,' said President Rouhani excluding the Saudi Arabia.
'Our problem with the Saudis is not an Iran-Saudi problem but instead it is a problem about Saudi Arabia interference in the region, including in Yemen and their support for terrorist groups in the region,' said the President.
'If they stop meddling in Yemen and halt their support for the terrorists, the mutual problems between Tehran and Riyadh will be resolved,' President Rouhani said.

He added, 'we believe that the problem between the two capitals will be settled through negotiations.'

'We sent our Hajj pilgrims to Saudi Arabia this year… if they treat the Iranian pilgrims well, it will be a good sign for exploring the ways for resolution of mutual issues,' the President said.

He also expressed the hope that Saudis would give up their support for terrorists and let the Yemeni people decide for their own country.

**Anti-Iran sanctions:
Touching upon the US efforts for revival of sanctions against Iran, President Rouhani said there would be no more sanctions against Iran.

'There would be no more sanctions against Iran. World view has changed towards Iran. We have overcome many big problems. People are now feeling more peace of mind in the field of economic affairs and the whole society is felling more secure and safe now,' the president said.

He said that Iran would not be the beginner of violation of the historic nuclear deal, but will neither be indifferent towards breaching of the deal by other sides.

'Iran will answer the US possible breach of JCPOA, he said, noting that 'we are sure of our way'.

'US faces difficulties to make an international consensus against Iran,' said the President adding, 'The US main allies, including the EU have explicitly declared their compliance to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).'

Commenting on US illegal demand for visiting Iranian military sites, the President said, 'Iran will not surrender to bullying.'

'We are committed to our obligations enshrined in the JCPOA, NPT, Safeguards Agreement and additional protocols.'

** Ethnic minorities, women rights:
Elsewhere, President Rouhani underlined promotion of the status of Iran's ethnic minorities and women in his second presidential term.

'Government plans to elevate women to higher ranks,' said the President stressing that he plans to increase women's presence in management level up to %30.

He said he has instructed his new cabinet 'to appoint women, youth, ethnic minorities and followers of various religious in key positions based on meritocracy.'

Iran is home to several ethnic groups and followers of various religions and the Iranian nationals from various sects have lived in the country for thousands of years peacefully.

** Poverty & social problems

President Rouhani also said that his administration attaches great significance to the social problems such as poverty as it is the root cause of most of social maladies.
'I promised the nation to eliminate extreme poverty by the end of the 12th government,' said the President.

He said that the type of problems has differed in the present days and proper planning is needed to solve them.

People are more prepared than before and the situation is different from that of the past and calm and peace prevails in the society said the President adding that due to the efforts made in his first term, people's economic status has improved.

He listed addiction and distribution of narcotics in the country as other problems to be solved, saying that the government has taken one step forward in the field as a long way is still ahead.

Describing unemployment as the greatest problem faced by the society, he said that resolving the problem is the first demand by the nation.

'There are only five countries in the world which can generate over 600,000 jobs a year and Iran is one of them,' President Rouhani said.

'I have urged the ministers to strive for creating jobs in all fields, particularly in the spheres of cyber space, agriculture and mines,' he said.

'A major work' must be done in the employment sector, he said, noting that in order to meet the public's demands in the field of employment, there is no way but unity and solidarity, investment and improving investment security.

The government should take an excellent step in attracting foreign investment, he said, noting that good agreements worth 13 billion dollars were concluded following the implementation of JCPOA.

President Rouhani said he told Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif that 'attracting foreign investment and technology is the major task' of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the second term.