Aug 29, 2017, 11:38 PM
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President underscores win-win cooperation with neighbors

Tehran, Aug 29, IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday called for friendly ties with neighbors and underscored establishment of win-win relations with them.

He pointed to differences between Iran and Saudi Arabia and noted that 'we want resolution of problems between the two capitals through dialogue'.

'We sent our Hajj pilgrims to Saudi Arabia this year… if they treat the Iranian pilgrims well, it will be a good sign for exploring the ways for resolution of mutual issues,' the President added in his first televised interview after his re-election.

In reference to Saudi attacks against Yemen's innocent people and Riyadh's support for terrorist groups, Rouhani expressed the hope that Saudis would give up their support for terrorists and permit the Yemeni people to decide for their country.

'If they give up interference in Yemen and cut support for terrorists, mutual problems between Tehran and Riyadh will be resolved,' the President said.

He added, 'The problem with Saudi Arabia is not mutual. It is not Iran-Saudi Arabia problem. The problem is the Saudis interference in the region.'

Translator: Hamdollah Emadi Heydari

Editor: Hamid Shamlou