Pakistani chief minister: Time to say goodbye to US aid

Islamabad, Aug 26, IRNA – Chief Minister of Pakistan’s largest Punjab province and senior leader of the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz says time has come to say goodbye to US aid.

“The exaggerated comments being made in the national and international discourse regarding the US aid to Pakistan are tantamount to rubbing salt into the wounds of Pakistanis suffering from terrorism, poverty and backwardness,” Shahbaz Sharif said in a statement.

He said it’s now time for Islamabad to close the chapter of receiving the so-called financial aid from the US.

Earlier US President Donald Trump while announcing his new strategy for Afghanistan and South Asia said that Pakistan received billions of dollars in aid but did not act against “terrorist havens” in the country.

“It is time for Pakistan to close the chapter on the US assistance so that the bilateral relationship can be freed from the shadow of repeated contemptuous taunts,” said the chief minister.

“Pakistani people craved the opportunity to be treated fairly and honorably and remain committed to contributing to the world peace and prosperity,” he said.