Xinhua: Iran-China exhibition restores memories of historical ties

Beijing, Aug 26, IRNA – Chinese state-run news agency Xhinhua praised the shared photo exhibition with Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) in the Chinese Capital as reminiscent of the two countries' historical ties.

The exhibition which was held on the sidelines of the 24th Beijing International Book Fair was one of the main cultural achievements of the two countries and a step towards boosting Iran-China ties, the Chinese media reported.

The joint effort is a move by the two ancient civilizations that have maintained friendly ties throughout the history, according to the report.

After hundreds of years since the start of the relations between Iran and China, there is still much room for the two countries to enhance the ties, Xinhua added while emphasizing that one initiative to pursue the goal is holding such exhibitions by the main media of Iran and China.

The Chinese and Iranian nations have peacefully coexisted on the basis of mutual respect and understanding throughout history, and now they seek win-win relations.

The two news agencies are expected to hold another photo exhibition this year on the occasion of the cultural week of China in Tehran, according to the Chinese state news agency.