US Congress fed up with Trump, will impeach him: Pak university head

Islamabad, Aug 26, IRNA – A senior scholar in Pakistan believes that [US] President Donald Trump will be impeached by the Congress because of his incompetence in dealing with internal and external affairs.

'The approval ratings of Trump have been dipping in the US and even core Republicans are beginning to question his competence on verity of issues,' said Vice Chancellor of Pakistan's 'Quaid-i-Azam University' Dr. Javad Ashraf.

Ashraf, who has lived in the US for over a decade and is quite familiar with the US society and political system, told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) in an interview that presently there is a bias against some Muslim countries in the US policies.

He added the visa policy of [President] Trump towards certain Muslim countries proves his anti-Muslim approach.

Ashraf said Pakistan and US 'were allies once upon a time but the situation has been changed in recent years and the new development shows that at least in the current situation we cannot call the countries as allies.'

'Pakistan in particular has been subjected to negative assessment by the Trump administration,' Ashraf added.

“In fact just few days ago the US announced that it was reviewing Pakistan’s status as major non-Nato ally, these kinds of developments would certainly affect Pakistan-US ties,” he said.
“US has benefited from us even more in wars in Afghanistan,” Ashraf added.

He said it is disappointing that the US new administration has not properly acknowledged how much sacrifices Pakistani people and army have made in war against terrorism.