US no more an important ally for Pakistan: Ex-envoy

Islamabad, Aug 22, IRNA - Former Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US says US used to be an important ally for Pakistan in past but now the situation has changed and Pakistan is not ready to put all its eggs in the US basket.

In an interview with IRNA Syeda Abida Hussain said, 'We are not dependent on the US assistance any more. In recent months they were supposed to pay 300 million dollars to Pakistan as part of their financial help to Pakistan for supporting Afghanistan war coalition, but they refused to pay and still we are surviving.

“The problem is that the US wants to put its responsibility in Afghanistan on Pakistan's shoulders,” said Syeda Abida Hussain.

The diplomat said except for some role in Afghanistan, Pakistan holds no important position for the US. “Pakistan rather depending on the US, now is looking for other options. We have excellent relationship with China and are also trying to improve our ties with Russia in all sectors,” said the analyst.

Rejecting President Trump's claims that Pakistan is providing safe havens to terrorists, she said that the army of Pakistan is playing a very crucial role in war against terrorism and has almost wiped out TTP from its areas.

“There is also substantial decrease in terrorism in Pakistan which means that our army is doing its job skillfully,” she noted.

“The US must acknowledge our sacrifices in the terror war instead of questioning our commitment in fighting the war,” said the former ambassador.