Pakistan can survive without minor US assistance: Pak analyst

Islamabad, Aug 22, IRNA – A senior Pakistani analyst says Pakistan wants the US to respect and trust the sacrifices it has rendered in war against terrorism rather than raising the issue of financial assistance which is almost nothing to Pakistan .

In an interview with IRNA, Dr Zafar Nawaz Jaspal, Professor of International Relations and Politics at Quaid-e-Azam University said that for the last six months there has been a debate going on in Congress and the media that the US should cut its financial assistance to Pakistan to put pressure on the country.

“An impression has been given that the US is giving too much aid to Pakistan and this amount can be used to black mail the country,” the analyst noted.

He added that the Army Chief has given a clear message to the US in his meeting with Commander of the Central Command (Centcom) that Pakistan wants US to acknowledge its sacrifices in war against terrorism.

“Army Chief also made it clear to the US that the amount they are giving to Pakistan under coalition support fund is very minor and if they cut that aid it would make no difference to Pakistan,” said the professor.

Dr Zafar Nawaz Jaspal expressing his views said economic situation of Pakistan is much stable now and it can sustain any kind of economic sanctions.

“We only want acceptance of our sacrifices in war against terror and negativity which is being spread against Pakistan should be stopped immediately,” the senior analyst said.

The expert added there would be no major change in US strategy on Afghanistan and Pakistan.

“They want to increase their number of troops in Afghanistan which their public would not agree because of the financial burden of the decision on US economy,” viewed the professor. He noted that the US administration is in a state of confusion to deal with this region.

The analyst went on to say the basic objective of frequent military and political high-level exchanges between Pakistan and US is to asses each other.

“They want to present their point of view before us and we want to explain our position on war against terrorism,” the analyst said.

He viewed that there is lot of difference between Pak-US relations of 2001 and now. “In 2001, US needed our help in Afghanistan but now the situation has somehow changed in Afghanistan so they don’t need too much support of Pakistan to move forward. I think in the coming days they will lower the level of ties with Pakistan,” he noted.