Pakistan ready to counter outcome of new US strategy

Islamabad, Aug 21, IRNA – As United States President Donald Trump is about to announce his much-awaited strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, the latter is considering different options to counter the negative fallout of the new US strategy.

The strategy has been prepared after lengthy talks of President Trump with his top military and national security aides.

In past, the US administration has been giving signals that they will adopt more strict approach towards Pakistan and could cut any kind of financial assistance to Pakistan.

In that case Pakistan would seek even deeper and enhanced cooperation with China and Russia to counter the US strategy.

A senior Pakistani analyst Dr Zafar Nawaz Jaspal, told IRNA that Pakistan only wants US to accept the sacrifices it has rendered in war against terrorism rather than raising the issue of financial assistance which is very minor.

“An impression has been given that the US is giving too much aid to Pakistan and this amount can be used to blackmail the country,” the analyst noted.

He added that Pakistan Army Chief has given a clear message to the US in his meeting with Commander of the Central Command (Centcom) that Pakistan wants the US to acknowledge its sacrifices in war against terrorism.

Expressing his views, the analyst said the economic situation of Pakistan is much stable now and it can sustain any kind of economic sanctions.

Pakistan has already signed multibillion dollar connectivity project with China and its relations with Russia are also moving in a right direction.

Pakistan and Russia seem to have buried their past differences and are looking to cement their ties economic, political, and defense ties.

Although the new US plan has not yet been announced, it is likely to seek tough measures against Pakistan to persuade it to break its alleged cooperation with certain militant outfits, including the Haqqani Network.

A series of recent developments, including statements from senior Trump administration officials, suggested that consensus was emerging in Washington to talk tough with Pakistan.

Tensions in US Pakistan ties have started when the country refused to finance the sale of F-16 fighter aircrafts as agreed upon.

Former US President Barack Obama also did not pay visit to Pakistan although the country was eagerly waiting for the visit.

US' close ties with India is also another factor which is creating a friction in US-Pakistan relations.

There have been regular accusations from the US administration on Pakistan regarding its role in war against terror.

The US has also reduced its financial assistance to Pakistan which the country is getting under coalition support fund.

Despite Pakistan’s sacrifices in war on terror US is looking at the role of Pakistan with doubt which is not acceptable to the country. Majority of Pakistanis are not happy with country’s strategy to join the US war in Afghanistan as the Pakistan faced huge financial and human losses in the war.

If the US adopts more tough strategy towards Pakistan surely Pakistan will go towards other options and would develop stronger ties with Russia and China.