Aug 21, 2017, 3:35 PM
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US-led coalitions kills 18 in Syria

Tehran, Aug 21, IRNA – The US-led coalition fighter jets massacred 18 civilians in an air raid to Jaza’a village in the eastern countryside of Shadadi city in Hasaka, northwest Syria, media reports said.

According to local people only three terrorists were killed in the raid.

Daesh media had earlier claimed that in the so-called coalition's fighters attack to Raqqa, at least 40 civilians were killed.

However, the Syrian news agency, Sana, has quoted 'Local and media sources' as saying that warplanes 'of the international coalition carried out Saturday raids on houses of citizens in Jaza’a village in the eastern countryside of Shadadi city in Hasaka countryside, killing more than 20 civilians and causing huge damage in the houses of the citizens and their properties.'

The Syrian foreign ministry has written two separate letters to UN Secretary General and UNSC chairmen calling once more for the halt of the so-called coalition's air raid against the innocent people of Syria.

In a previous attack on August 1st, the US coalition, that has been created with no permission from Syria and out of the UN framework, attacked an area on the eastern suburban regions of Deir Ezzur, in eastern Syria killed 60 civilians.

In the wake of continuing attacks on civilians by the United States coalition forces, Syrian Foreign Ministry asked the United Nations Security Council in a letter to dismantle the so-called anti-Daesh (ISIS) coalition.

Earlier on July 29, the US strike claimed the lives of 7 people, including 5 children, and caused damage to several houses.