Aug 20, 2017, 10:52 AM
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UN welcomes Baghdad-Erbil negotiations

Tehran, Aug 20, IRNA – In a meeting between the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for Iraq Jan Kubis with the Kurdistan political delegation, the UN official welcomed Baghdad-Erbil ongoing dialog.

He urged the two sides to agree on a plan to resolve all outstanding issues and to implement the agreed conclusions.

The full statement released by United Nations representative for Iraq a copy of which was faxed to IRNA on Sunday follows:

The Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General (SRSG) for Iraq, Jan Kubiš, met on 16 August with the Kurdistan political delegation.

He welcomes the dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil that is ongoing and urges the two sides to agree on a roadmap with timelines how to resolve all outstanding issues and implement the agreed conclusions in a positive spirit of genuine partnership. If and as requested by the two sides, the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) would be ready to provide its good offices, advice, assistance and support.

“We are encouraged by the visit of a political delegation from the Kurdistan Region of Iraq to Baghdad as agreed with their counterparts in Baghdad, and strongly support this effort. We have urged these talks as a matter of urgency. It is the politically correct way to address all pending issues between the two sides” Kubiš said.

On the referendum on independence called for 25 September by the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, the SRSG recalls his briefing to the UN Security Council on 17 July 2017 where he stated that such an important issue ought not to be pursued without understanding between the federal government and that of the Kurdistan Regional Government.

Kubiš urged both sides to enter into constructive and serious negotiations without further delay, in the spirit of genuine partnership and based on the Constitution, to urgently find common ground and a roadmap to address this and other critical topics, notably implementation of Article 140 of the Constitution on disputed territories, including the status of Kirkuk, budgetary issues, oil and revenue sharing, and other areas and principles that determine the relations, cooperation and partnership between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government.

Reiterating the UN commitment to assist the people of Iraq in their efforts to build a secure, stable, federal, united and democratic nation, Kubiš reminds that the fight against the terrorist Daesh continues, with Iraqi forces preparing to launch military operations to liberate Talafar and other remaining areas from the terrorists.

The SRSG urges that just as all Iraqis united to crush Daesh in Mosul including through exemplary cooperation between the ISF and Peshmerga, joint efforts should continue to complete the fight to defeat the terrorists and to find sustainable solutions of burning issues of political, economic and social reforms, development, jobs, good governance, anti-corruption, delivery of services, law and order, justice and equality of all citizens, while taking all necessary steps to support return of IDPs to their homes and to assist families of martyrs and demobilized fighters.