Iranian president: Daesh, sponsors of terrorists typical examples of dogmatism, hypocrisy

Tehran, Aug 18, IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani said that the terrorist group of Daesh (ISIS) and sponsors of terrorism are prime examples of arrogance and dishonesty in the new world.

The president made the remarks in a meeting with the war veteran Morteza Raziei on Thursday..

He also commemorated the martyrdom of Mohsen Hojajji, a member of the Iranian advisory support team in Syria who was taken captive by the self-styled Islamic State terrorist group near the Iraqi border last week and beheaded two days later, saying that his self-sacrifice was a source of honor for the nation.

'If there were not such devotions, not only Iraq and Syria but also Iran itself would be damaged by Takfiiri terrorists,' he said.

“If Takfiri terrorists had managed to take the helm of Iraq and Syria, nothing would have remained of Islam’s honor and prestige,” he said.

Terrorists are those whose actions do not agree with Islam at all, but they act in the name of Islam, Rouhani said, noting that such moves are not something new as all those who committed acts of terror in Iran also claimed adherence to Islam and religion.

Daesh and sponsors of terrorism are reresentative examples of dogmatism and hypocrisy who have no real faith in Islam, he said.

Given the situation the Islamic society is facing today, it is devotion and self-sacrifice that can save the Muslim Ummah, the president said.