Aug 17, 2017, 9:49 AM
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MP: Rouhani’s proposed cabinet 'moderate'

Tehran, Aug 17, IRNA - An Iranian lawmaker is convinced that President Hassan Rouhani’s cabinet proposed to the Parliament is “moderate'.

President Rouhani submitted the names of his picks for ministerial posts to the Parliament after his inauguration earlier this month.

On Tuesday (Aug 15), the legislative body began debates on the qualification of the nominees.

In an interview with Iran Daily, Mohammad Khodabakhshi, a member of the Plan, Budget and Audit Committee of the Parliament, said all proposed ministers should help achieve objectives aimed at reducing unemployment and generating jobs.

He said the Parliament assesses the qualification of the proposed ministers based on some factors, including education, physical and mental capabilities as well as their sense of responsibility.

The lawmaker said the Parliament will give a vote of confidence to the president's picks on the merits.

Khodabakhshi noted that the experiences of some of the ministerial nominees who have already served in the Rouhani government will be regarded in assessing their qualification.

He also said lawmakers will thoroughly examine the agendas of Rouhani’s picks.

The MP said the ministerial nominees must be able to take steps in line with the country’s development plans and draw up “essential planning.”

Further in his remarks, Khodabakhshi criticized Rouhani for not introducing female nominees.

Rouhani won a landslide reelection victory in the May presidential race. He also beat his rivals in the 2013 presidential election with over 50 percent of the vote.