Pakistan ruling party PML-N likely to win 2018 elections: Analysts

Islamabad, Aug 16, IRNA – Senior Pakistani analysts believe that if the next round of elections are held on time, the ruling party of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) led by Nawaz Sharif would be in a strong position to form the next government.

In an interview with IRNA, Lieutenant General (Retd) Talat Masood said that 'Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf' (PTI) as the major opposition party against PML-N is trying hard to remove the ruling party, but the fact remains that even now that Nawaz Sharif has lost the PM seat, PML-N has a better chance of winning the next elections.

“Though PML-N has faced some setbacks, but still it has its huge number of followers and supporters, especially in the Punjab province, as key province in Pakistan, and the party will continue to dominate in next elections,” he said.

General Masood said that PTI would secure more seats in the next election, but they would not be able to overtake the PML-N.

He went on to say that there are no chances of an alliance between the 'Pakistan Peoples Party' (PPP) led by ex-president Asif Ali Zardari and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) in future as PTI wants to be a dominating party and doesn’t want to give much importance to PPP.

“They will remain rivals and only cooperate where it suits them,” he said.

Muhammad Saleh Zafir, a senior journalist talking to IRNA said though it is very difficult to predict at the moment that which party will going to form the next government in Pakistan, but PML-N has the chance to win the next general election with good majority.

He said the PPP will remain on the second position with PTI on the third position.

“There would be no major difference in parties’ position if the elections are held on time,” Saleh Zafir said.

Expressing his views, the analyst said that past years rule of the PML-N would definitely have an impact on the next election, but nowadays people are sticking to their own parities and are not in the mood to change their loyalties.

“It is the history of our country that opposition parties unite against popular leadership of the country,” he said.

Saleh Zafir added that chances of PPP and PTI coalition in next general elections cannot be ruled out, but the way PTI is moving forward right now looks that they are not interested in having an alliance with PPP.

He added in past PPP had a nice experience of coalition with PML-N though they had some differences after June this year but there are chances that they could come at some kind of understanding in next elections.

“I think PML-N would secure a strong position in next elections,” said the journalist.

Senior analyst and journalist Mubashir Zaidi told IRNA that in next six months many things will change at the political scenario which would determine the future of the PML-N.

“If the decision of the accountability cases comes against the leadership of PML-N then the party would face a difficult situation,” he said.

He was of the view that it is premature to comment on the outcome of next general elections because the things are not clear yet.

Mubashir Zaidi expressing his views said that election of Senate are coming in March next year so PML-N is looking for those elections and if they secure strong position in that election they would be able to make amendments in the Constitution of the country without the support of any other party.

He said that chance of PPP and PTI coalition in next election are very low because the leadership of the PTI always criticizes the leaders of PPP in public rallies for the problems in the country.

He viewed that differences between PPP and PTI will definitely give benefit to the PML-N.

Another senior journalist Salman Ghani talking to IRNA said that if next general elections are held on time definitely the PML-N would emerge as a strong party to make the government.

“But PTI has the capacity to come at a second position beating the PPP,” he pointed out.

However, he said that chances of the next elections on time are very low because the forces in the country who are not happy with the policies of Nawaz Sharif are trying their best to keep him away from the power.

He said that if PPP and PTI constitute an alliance this would give a major blow to the popularity of PTI chairman Imran Khan among masses.

“In past Imran Khan has been criticizing PML-N and PPP for the problems of Pakistan, so how he can form an alliance with a party which according to him is responsible for all ills of the country,” he noted.