Aug 14, 2017, 5:22 PM
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US activist: Washington attacking non-submissive countries

New York, Aug 13, IRNA – The US policy towards other countries is to dominate them, and when it is not able to do so, it become aggressive towards them, an American peace activist said on Monday.

Describing the President of the United States' approach towards North Korea as 'provocative', he said that Donald Trump 'is using a language that can only exacerbate the situation and brings the whole world to the brink of a real crisis'.

American people do not want another war with anybody, including war with North Korea, he said, adding that the war rhetoric of Trump not only would not restore his popularity, but also would bring it down.

The United States has been threatening North Korea since the Korean War, he said. During the Korean war, the US killed about a third of its population, bombed dams which is a war crime, we have been threatening North Korea even when it stopped its nuclear weapons program, but the US never stopped threats, he reminded.

The same happened with Libya, when the US told it if you stop building the nuclear weapons, we would not attack you, but Libya stopped building nuclear weapon and then they were attacked, the US peace activist added.

'I think North Korea has a lot of fear from the United States and United States doesn't have anything to fear from Korea, and because the US has been very provocative they are developing a nuclear program to try to have a deterrence against the US attack,' Lombardo argued, affirming that 'if we don't want to see a nuclear world then we have to stop being provocative towards North Korea and towards all countries.'

As to the nuclear agreement signed between Iran and world major powers, including US, in 2015, he called it an important one, but he maintained that 'because the US's economy is very bad-shaped, the only way the United States can maintain its economy is to have full dominance over every other country to grab their oil and mineral resources, to get cheap labor.'

If the US is unable to dominate, like North Korea, Iran, Russia and China, it becomes aggressive towards them, and that is based upon problems in the capitalist economy, according to him.

The US wants to blame China because it is physically, politically and economically close to North Korea, and they want China to pressure North Korea to do what the US wants, he said on US policies in approaching China.

'I hope China stands up to the United States in the crisis, and says 'no, you cannot threaten our neighbor'. It's not to the benefit of China to see North Korea falls,' he added.