Iran’s health tourism potentials high in dentistry: Iranian Health Official

Tehran, Aug 8, IRNA – Iran has a lofty status in dentistry science and specialists who 'create a distinct condition for us to promote health tourism', said Dr. Baqer Shahnizadeh, the head of Iranian Dental Association in an exclusive interview with Iran Daily.

Appropriate dentistry costs and high proficiency of Iranian dentists are considered as the advantages in health tourism in Iran compared to those that exist in regional countries, he said.

Currently, some companies have operation permit in health tourism and offer dentistry services to foreign patients, he added.

Some 25,000 dentists also render services to people across the country, he said.
Cosmetic dentistry should be done in line with treatment procedure and in a way that the teeth are not damaged, he added.

He further said irregular teeth increase the DMFT (Decayed, Missing or Filled Teeth) index.
Straightening the teeth will prevent their decay, he noted.

Today, tooth whitening powders are not recommended since their long-term use creates health problems for teeth, he said.

Shahnizadeh continued that currently, Japan produces the highest number of dental bleaching materials, but it uses them the least.

Dental bleaching materials are prohibited in the UK, he stated.

Unfortunately, bleaching products are used in Iran for cosmetic dentistry, he added.

The Sixth Dental-Facial Cosmetic Conference will be held in Tehran during August 16-18.

The three-day event intends to focus on principled ways to control cosmetic dentistry demands.