Aug 6, 2017, 9:16 PM
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Rouhani: Zionism, terrorism two grave dangers for region

Tehran, Aug 6, IRNA -- President Hassan Rouhani underlined that Iran has always stood with Lebanese government, nation and resistance, and said and added that unity among Shia, Sunni and Christian in Lebanon is a model for strengthening unity in a multi-ethnic society.

Victories of Lebanese people against Zionist occupying regime and terrorists are a matter of magnificence for Lebanon and happiness and honor for the Iranians, Rouhani said.

Now, Lebanon is helping its neighbors to create stability and security and this indicates might and magnificence of Lebanese people, he continued.

Rouhani called relations between Iran and Lebanon always friendly, sincerely and brotherly and pointed to the necessity for development, strengthening and consolidating mutual cooperation and added that undoubtedly, Lebanese are popular in heart of Iranians.

He called successes of Lebanese Hezbollah, armed forces and popular forces against invaders as cause of happiness, honor and dignity of all Muslims and friendly nations.

President Rouhani expressed pleasure for the establishment of internal stability in Lebanon and good planning and programming to administrate the country by its officials and underlined the necessity to develop ties between the two nations and countries.

Rouhani added that resistance and unity of Palestinians against recent insults of the Zionist soldiers toward al-Aqsa Mosque and holy Qods indicated success of the resistance and unity against invaders.

Nabih Berri appreciated Iranian government and nation's hospitality, and called swearing-in ceremony as democracy festivity in Iran and added that unrivaled and magnificent participation of people in election showed Iran's power to the world, especially the US and those countries, which want to damage Iran.

'Now, Iran is a powerful and magnificent country in the region,' he said, adding that this country will never be alone and as president Rouhani said in his speech in swearing-in ceremony will never be under siege.

Berri said victories of Lebanon and Palestine resistance front against invaders are results of Iran's Islamic Revolution values, adding, 'We always stand with the resistance front, which the late Imam Khomeini drawn it.'

The Lebanese parliament speaker said that Iran's support for resistance is a base for its victories and successes.