Aug 6, 2017, 9:00 PM
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President Rouhani: JCPOA paving way for boosting Iran-EU ties

Tehran, Aug 6, IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani in a meeting with Spanish Senate Speaker Pío García-Escudero in Tehran on Sunday underlined that the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) paved the way for the broadening of economic and trade ties between Tehran and Madrid.

'After the implementation of the JCPOA suitable conditions have been created to upgrade economic relations between Iran and the European countries, including Spain; it also caused Iran-Europe economic relations to improve to a considerable extent,' Rouhani said.

He underlined that the EU plays an effective role in the implementation of the nuclear agreement, also known as JCPOA, and the Europeans have had acceptable stances despite creation of problems by the US.

President Rouhani underlined that JCPO removed two unrighteous and unfair problems, and said, 'In the first step the JCPOA removed the untrue impression that Iran was clandestinely after making bombs and in the second step it lifted the oppressive, inhumane regulations which were not in the interest of anyone.'

The Iranian president underlined that the JCPOA removed these obstacles and for the same reason it is a win-win agreement which is beneficial to everyone.

President Rouhani described Tehran-Madrid relations as friendly, and said, 'JCPOA has created a favorable situation to broaden relations with the friendly countries; Iran and Spain as two friends should make the most use out of this deal in line with the interests of their countries.

The Spanish senate speaker, for his part, submitted the congratulatory message of Spanish king and prime minister to president Rouhani, and said, 'The outcome of the recent elections shows that your work and fruitful policies as well as moderate policies over past four years has made the Iranian nation to approve them once again.'