Aug 6, 2017, 3:59 PM
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Iran urges EU to be more realistic towards Middle East

Tehran, Aug 6, IRNA – Iran expects the Europeans to take a more realistic approach in addressing issues in the Middle East and help promote peace and stability in the region, says the president of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations.

Kamal Kharrazi, in a meeting on Saturday with Federica Mogherini High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy in Tehran, said when the Syrian crisis started, at first it seemed to be something usual. But, the United States and Saudi Arabia, along with some other countries, started exploiting the situation in the country and Europe also tended to be supportive of the meddlesome policies by these countries in Syria.

Money and weapons flooded in Syria, and different terrorist groups were created to exacerbate the crisis in the country, Kharrazi said.

Without Iran's help to Syria and Iraq, we would have seen another Libya in the region, he added.

'Daesh (ISIS) is now restricted and we are trying to bring it to an end,' he said.

The Iranian official also hailed the change in the policy assumed by French President Emmanuel Macron, opting to establish peace and stability in the region, instead of supporting efforts to bring down Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Kharrazi said the current crises in the region are rooted in the Saudi efforts over the past 30 years to promote Wahhabism.

He warned that Daesh terrorists, after facing defeat in Iraq and Syria, are expected to change their strategy and find safe havens in other parts of the world.