Aug 6, 2017, 11:38 AM
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Velayati: Europe not considering JCPOA bilateral deal

Tehran, Aug 6, IRNA – The European Union doesn’t consider the nuclear deal between Iran and world powers as a bilateral deal, but a multilateral one and is committed to it, said Senior Adviser to the Supreme Leader in International Affairs Ali-Akbar Velayati on Saturday.

Talking to reporters after the meeting with the EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, Velayati said, 'Issues such as the nuclear deal and regional and international collaborations were discussed; there are many common points between Iran and Europe, and of course there are some differences that are not unexpected.'

Velayati quoted Mogherini as saying Europe doesn’t consider the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) as a deal between two countries but as an international deal and is committed to it.

Saying that they had talks on Yemen, Syria, Iraq, and Qatar, Velayati added that Iran and Europe both believe that there are no military solutions for the crisis in Syrian and also the territorial integrity of regional countries, including Syria and Iraq should be respected.

He also said that Iran and the EU both disagree with separatism in the region and any action in line with that, including referendums.

'About Yemen we agreed that a way for help must be opened to help the people; and Qatar's territorial integrity should be respected as well, Velayati said.

Mogherini is in Iran to attend President Rouhani's oath-taking ceremony on Saturday alongside about 100 other officials from different countries; this is the first time a high-rank European official takes part in an important Iranian national ceremony, and that shows that Europe is after close relations with Iran, said Velayati.

Commenting on the US officials recent remarks, Velayati said what the US does doesn’t benefit it, and considering the stances of other parties of the deal, the US cannot violate the international deal unilaterally because it will be isolated.