Iran-Pakistan ties to grow stronger during Rouhani's 2nd term: Pak Senate Chairman

Islamabad, Aug 4, IRNA – Chairman of Pakistan’s Senate Mian Raza Rabbani says ties between Iran and Pakistan will grow even stronger during the second term of President Hassan Rouhani.

Talking to IRNA exclusively before leaving for Tehran to participate in the oath taking of Iran’s re-elected President Hassan Rouhani, he said, 'I am looking forward to going to Iran being present at the oath-taking ceremony of His Excellency President Hassan Rouhani.

“During the term of re-elected president, I see the relationship between Iran and Pakistan growing from strength to strength,” he said.

He added that relationship between Iran and Pakistan is already on very firm and solid foundation because Pakistan and Iran share great deal of commonality of views on a number of international relations.

“Our relation goes back into the history as well; Iran was the first country that recognized Pakistan when Pakistan came into existence,” he said.

Raza Rabbani said that after the oath taking he will begin a bilateral visit of Iran on the invitation of the Honorable Speaker of the Majlis Ali Larijani.

He said, 'When I would be meeting Honorable Speaker of the Majlis, we would be looking at how better we can make our relationship on the parliamentary level. I think it would be beneficial to have regular exchange of parliamentarians between our two countries.

“I think it would also be good and beneficial if officials of the two sides’ secretariat of the Majlis and the parliament in Pakistan meet, we can learn so much from one another’s experience,” he said.

He added that regional and bilateral situation that is prevailing in the region and internationally would also come under discussion during meeting with Speaker of the Majlis Ali Larijani.

“I also look forward to discussing with the Honorable Speaker how better Pakistan’s parliament and Majlis can cooperate with one another on international parliamentary forums, and we have the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), coming in October in St. Petersburg so I would be discussing that also,” he said.