Aug 3, 2017, 12:55 PM
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Iran reserves right to respond US anti-Iran acts: FM spox

Tehran, Aug 3, IRNA – Iran reserves the right for itself to respond to the anti-Iran actions taken by the administration of the United States, spokesman for the Foreign Ministry Bahram Qasemi announced here on Thursday.

'Iran with due patience and wisdom will take measure toward [its] national security and people's interests,' Qasemi said while condemning the US President Donald Trump's signing of the bill approving fresh sanctions against Iran.

Qasemi further described the US anti-Iran move as reactionary, illegitimate and irrational, and also the one against the human principles and international laws.

As he said, the move was also the latest example for indicating the US hostility to all freedom-seeking people around the world and the Iranian nation with rich culture and civilization as well.

The bill approved in US recently will affect the successful implementation of the July 2015 deal known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), said Qasemi, adding it is also criticized by different world countries, including the US allies.

Recent bill in the US which approved new sanctions against Iran, Russia and North Korea showed once again the unilateral and hostile policies being followed by the US officials, the diplomat added.

Pointing to the latest meeting of the headquarters to monitor the implementation of the JCPOA and the decisions taken about reacting to the recent US anti-Iran sanctions, the spokesman said Tehran will not keep silent on the violation of the JCPOA by Washington, adding Iran's Majlis (Parliament) and government will soon declare series of reciprocal measures to that violation.

'Iran will stand against the US hostile measure, and will make serious efforts as always to ensure peace and security,' and will also endeavor to fight relentlessly with terrorism in the region, he said underlining Tehran will never let others follow the expansionist policies to make the region insecure.

Iran, undoubtedly, will not be trapped in the sinister triangle consisting of Wahhabi terrorism, Zionism and global arrogance [arrogant power], Qasemi noted.

He at the end advised the US officials to not play the blame game, and avoid Iranophobia policies, and instead think of solving the numerous problems the American people are facing inside that country.