Aug 2, 2017, 1:45 PM
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Iraq seeks Iran's model in education

Baghdad, Aug 2, IRNA – Iraqi Minister of Education called for using Iran as a role model for advancing its plans, as well as taking steps forward in educational ties with Tehran.

Pointing to plenty of commonalities and coexistence between Iran and Iraq, Mohammad Eqbal in a meeting with Iran's Deputy Minister of Education Rezvan Hakimzadeh on Tuesday evening emphasized that Iraq is seeking experience through exchanging delegations, forming working groups, joint committees and officials' visits to Iran.

He also said that Iraq is at the beginning of the path of using Iran's experiences, including people's cooperation in building schools, as a role model.

Citing his visits to Iran, he said that Iraq has followed Iran as a model in various educational investment plans.

Meanwhile, Iran's ambassador to Iraq reassured that his country, as in fight against terrorism, would support Baghdad in other sectors, including reconstruction and education

Hakimzadeh in the meeting, attended by Iran's ambassador to Baghdad Iraj Masjedi, described educational ties between the two countries as effective in deepening the two nations' ties and expressed hope that the cooperation in the form of the joint committee be expanded.

Hakimzdeh at the head of a delegation arrived in Baghdad on Monday. The two sides reached some agreements which are expected to be the basis for a new memorandum of understanding on educational issues.

There are 8.1 million students in Iraq. The students of the Nineveh Province, which was under control of the terrorist group Daesh (ISIS), are not accounted for.