Iranian officials should react firmly to US sanctions: Judiciary chief

Tehran, Aug 1, IRNA – Iranian Judiciary Chief Ayatollah Sadeq Amloli-Larijani said that the officials of the Islamic Republic should respond firmly to the recent US sanctions on Iran.

According to the PR office of the Judiciary, Amoli-Larijani said, 'The US is continuing with the approach it has been taking for a long time toward the Islamic establishment and Iranian people. And now they behave in a way so as to violate the JCPOA and to expand the sanctions on Iran.'

He added this shows they haven’t learned anything about Iran; they have forgotten that Iranians were under sanctions, but still resisted against the Europe and US-backed Saddam for eight years.

'The Islamic establishment and the Iranian people are stronger than ever, now.'

'The Iranian officials, in the government, Majlis (the parliament) and Judiciary will firmly and unanimously react to the US measures. Iran has repeatedly shown that it doesn’t pay any attention to pressures,' Ayatollah Amoli-Laijani said.