Iran, Spain sign agreement to maintain, repair historical buildings

Madrid, May 11, IRNA – Iran and Spain’s state Paradores Company signed an agreement to cooperate on maintenance and repair of historical buildings and turn them to hotel and residential tourist centers.

The agreement was signed between an Iranian organization in charge of maintaining historical sites and the Spanish Paradores Company.

The two sides also agreed to encourage the Iranian and Spanish travelers to visit the other country.

Conducting technical workshops, exchange of visits by experts to determine situation of the historical buildings and providing consultation services were among major issues agreed by the Iranian and Spanish companies.

According to the agreement, a number of 100 historical buildings will be added annually to the project.

The Iranian organization will restore 1,084 historical sites and buildings until the end of year 2025 and will deliver them to private sector for operation.

Investors from Sweden and Italy are interested to invest on hotels and cities of Kerman, Kashan and Isfahan are among cities which have valuable historical buildings.