Palestinian envoy urges Muslim world to create media tool against Israel

Islamabad, May 11, IRNA - Ambassador of the Palestinian authority in Pakistan Walid Abu Ali urges Muslim world to create a media tool which can counter the Israeli pressure.

The ambassador made the remarks while addressing an event organized by national press club to express solidarity with prisoners on ‘hunger strike with dignity’ in the Zionist regime's jails.

The event came days before 'Nakba Day'; (Day of the Catastrophe).

The Nakba Day is generally commemorated on 15 May, an annual day of commemoration of the Palestinian displacement by the occupying regime of Israeli.

He said Palestinian prisoners have gone on the hunger strike, initially called by former Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti, since April 17 in protest to the Israeli treatment to Palestinian prisoners.

He said: Israel has resources, strong lobbying and control over world media that’s why Palestinians are suffering but if Ummah is united then Palestine issue can be resolved.

“If Ummah is divided Palestinians would be the losers and Israel would be the winner,” he noted.

The diplomat pointed out that Muslim countries have been engaged by Israel in internal and domestic problems so that they could not focus on the Palestinian issue. “Why Al-Qaeda, Daesh or Taliban don’t act against Israel who is killing Muslims,” he asked.

He said that Zionist regime is committing gross human rights volitions on innocent Palestinians but the international community has become a silent spectator on the suffering of Palestinian people. “International community is deaf and blind on the suffering of 2 million people in Gaza,” he said.

He urged the Pakistani media to highlight the cause of Palestine and the atrocities of Israel on innocent people of Palestine including women and children.

The Ambassador refuted the impression that leaders of Palestine are divided adding that all Palestinians are united for the liberation of the Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

He said that about 6,500 people have been detained by Israel in jails without following the legal procedures.

He also criticized the inability of the United Nations in implementing the UN Security Council resolutions on Palestinian cause. “The UN is handcuffed by the super powers that support Israel,” he regretted.

During the event a short film portraying the sufferings of the Palestinian people was also shown.