May 2, 2017, 4:07 PM
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President: Closure of PMD, gov’t's big achievement

Tehran, May 2, IRNA -- President Hassan Rouhani called closure of Possible Military Dimension of Iran’s nuclear program as one of big achievements of his government.

He made the remarks in a ceremony held to celebrate the launch of Dena Plus and Peugeot production lines at Iran Khodro Company in Tehran on Tuesday.

The President referred to the achievements made over the past four years, and said that constructive engagement with the world, followed by this government was one of the outcomes of people's vote in 2013.

The government persuaded the world to confess to the wrongness of their accusations, he added.

The President referred to objections with nuclear talks inside the county, and said, 'We negotiated with the world to prove that their accusations are wrong and those who accused Iran later on found out about the reality.'

President Rouhani urged all people to facilitate transfer of technology and investment to the country and try to find new markets in the world and the region for export of Iranian products.

Today, the economic cycle is moving and in the meantime, Iranian nuclear industry is progressing forward, the President said.

He noted that Iran was using IR1 centrifuge machines in the past but it is now using IR6 and IR-8 centrifuge machines and as a result, the country’s capacity to enrich uranium is now 20 times more than what it was in the past.

The President called launch of production line of Peugeot 2008 as one of the results of his visit to France in 2016, and said, 'During the trip, some were saying that the agreements will be on the paper, but today you witness their realization.”