Iran-Turkey-Russian convergence over Syria entails positive achievements

Moscow, April 7, IRNA – Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennadiy Gatilov said on Thursday that joint efforts made by Moscow, Tehran and Ankara over Syrian talks in Astana, Kazakhstan capital, have brought about positive achievements.

Astana talks focusing on major issues are underway on the initiative of Moscow, Tehran and Ankara, he added, noting that over the past several rounds of meeting in Astana, major topics such as consolidating ceasefire in Syria were discussed and based on the same initiative, Geneva negotiations were also resumed.

There are many outstanding issues concerning Syrian crisis and involved parties have no confidence in each other.

However, the objective is that Syrians reach the agreement enshrined in the UN Security Council Resolution 2254 which includes fighting against terrorism, he said.

“We are sure that solving human issues in Syria is not possible without solving the country’s problems,” he said, noting that human issues should be solved away from political considerations.

Current comprehensive ceasefire took effect on the initiative of Iran, Russia and Turkey and approval by UN Security Council.

Upholding ceasefire in Syria is among pivotal issues slated to be discussed in Astana Meeting.

Iranian delegation headed by Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab-African Affairs Hossein Jaberi-Ansari attended the third round of Astana Talks along with Russian and Turkish teams on February 16.