Iran’s policy to support Azerbaijan Republic territorial integrity 'unchangeable': Envoy

Baku, March 30, IRNA – Iran’s embassy in Baku announced that Iran’s policy in support of Azerbaijan Republic territorial integrity is 'unchangeable'.

Mohammad Reza Najafi, responsible for press affairs in the embassy, made the remarks in reaction to reports of media in Baku concerning travel of an Iranian artist to Karabakh region.

Najafi said that during Norouz holidays, no Iranian art group officially travelled to an area in Karabakh which is a matter of coflict between Azerbaijan Republic and Armenia.

He added, 'Unreliable and distorted reports from news sources of the third countries with the aim of disrupting Tehran, Baku relations and deceiving public opinion have tried several times to do so and we strongly condemn such acts.'

Azerbaijan Republic media recently reported, quoting Armenian news sources, that an Iranian artist named “ Maytham Hadrout” accompanied by an Armenian art band has performed concerts in Karabakh.

Azerbaijan Republic and Armenia have been in dispute over Karabakh region since 1992.

Baku reacts severely on visits of foreign nationals to the region and considers it illegal and violation of Azerbaijan Republic laws.