Mar 28, 2017, 5:30 PM
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Activist: Saudi gov't has no regard for Law, Yemenis need help

London, Mar 28, IRNA -- Kim Sharif, Yemeni activist based in the UK, slammed Saudi government for committing genocide in Yemen, and urged the international community to defend the right of the Yemeni people.

The following is the full text of IRNA's interview with Yemeni activist Kim Sharif:

Q. How is the situation in Yemen?

A.The current situation in Yemen is dire so much that the humanitarian coordinator for Yemen for the UN says that is worse than the second world war.

Now it is incumbent upon the international community to act urgently to lift the illegal blockade to allow fruit and medicine enter the country specially when we bear in mind the figures given by UNICEF which says that every ten minutes a child under the age of 5 in Yemen is dying because of lack of medicine and food.

There isn’t a single meal a day for them.

There is about 15 million people facing famine and the situation is extremely dire and the international community must act urgently to elevate the suffering of people of Yemen.

Q. What is the way forward for Yemen?

A. My view as an independent lawyer is that this war is illegal, because there is no express UN mandate, there is no other legal ground justifying the Saudi coalition attacking the Yemen and there is no other reason for this war to continue. Yemen has its own government in Sana'a and it is incumbent on the international community and they are legally obliged to acknowledge and recognize the government of Sana'a and stop this nonsense.

There has recently been several air raids again leading to death of civilians.

Clearly the Saudi coalition is not interested in having regards to the laws that govern international relations but it is incumbent upon other strong nations in the world to stand up and come forward and stop this horrific crimes continuing in Yemen.

We are answerable not only to law but we are accountable to God

Q. Saudi Arabia is accusing the Iranian government for interfering in Yemen, what is your thoughts on that?

A. It is hilarious. I am not laughing because I am deeply saddened by the crimes being committed against Yemen.

We understand from newspaper reports that the American intelligence has confirmed that there is no Iranian involvement in relation to the Houthis of Yemen.

As far as we are aware we have not seen any Iranian involvement whatsoever in Yemen.

This is a Saudi narrative that is being played down in the international mainstream media. The Saudis have been able to purchase everybody with their petrodollars to continue repeating this false narrative. Some people do believe it unfortunately but the truth is that there is no connection and Iran has been keeping away from all of this.

Q. Have you had any developments on your prosecution case against the Saudi regime?

A. We have submitted our complaints. The law is very clear. The war criminals must be prosecuted right here in the UK.

We have very strong evidence to support our case, but we are unfortunately stuck with raising fund to support the case.

In fact my case shows that there is no Iranian involvement in Yemen.

Q. On Sunday you have had a demonstration against Saudis in London, tell us more about this?

A. After two years of campaigning at many media outlets it looks like the people in the world have become aware of the crimes been committed in Yemen.

Our aim is to be the voice of the voiceless and the children of Yemen who are being massacred wither by the blockade or through direct bombing.