Feb 14, 2017, 3:49 PM
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Injured Persian leopard saved from euthanasia

Tehran, Feb 14, IRNA – Iranian veterinary surgeons have saved a Persian leopard from euthanasia by performing an operation on its severely injured backbone.

Recently saved from a snare trap originally laid to catch wild boars in the vicinity of the Sejeedan Village in Rudsar neighborhood in northern Iran, the four-year-old female leopard was soon transferred to a shelter in Tehran for treatment.

The seemingly irreversible spinal damage of the leopard first made some vet surgeons to believe that the animal has been paralyzed and carrying out an operation on it is not going to let her stand on her feet again, hence they offered to put the animal to death by performing euthanasia to relieve her suffering.

Some veterinary surgeons, however, remained to believe that the leopard’s spinal injury could be treated by carrying out a surgical operation.

“Following the operation, she could stand on her hindlimbs,” said on Tuesday Arezou Sanei, an advisor to the Persian Leopard National Conservation and Management Action Plan in Iran.

According to Sanei, over the past three days a team of three vets have been taking care of the leopard around the clock.

Now she can easily fold and tuck her limbs underneath the body and she can put her paws on the ground and stand, she said.

“The animal no longer is at the risk of being paralyzed, and it is going to regain her muscular strength,” she said.