Khalchal Castle, only Zoroastrian burial structure in middle Islamic centuries

Tehran, Feb 13, IRNA - The results of the first archeological exploration season in Khalchal Castle Hill of Tafresh shows that this historical area is the only burial structure of the Zoroastrians in the Middle Islamic centuries, the Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism (RICHT) reported.

RICHT Public Relations Office Head of the archeological exploration plan in Khalchal Castle Hill Seyed Mehdi Musavi-Nia said the burial structure is a Zoroastrian tower of silence from the Ilkhanate period.

“In the first season of archeological exploration in Khalchal Castle Hill, remains of human stones and pottery pieces from the Middle Islamic centuries were discovered,” he added.

Mousavi-Nia also pointed to the exploration in the two corner towers of the northern half of the area and said exploration in the two towers is underway for identifying the application of the towers.