Feb 7, 2017, 5:09 PM
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Iran, Oman renew agreement to build gas export pipeline

Tehran, Feb 7, IRNA – Iran and Oman signed renewed document of “general framework of agreement to build gas export pipeline” in the presence of Petroleum Ministers of the two countries on Tuesday.

Given expiry time of former agreement, advisor to the Petroleum Minister and in charge of following up claims of the Ministry Ali Asghar Hendi and Director General for discovery and oil, gas production of Oil Ministry of Oman Ceif Hamad al-Salmani signed the document.

Meeting between Iranian and Omani delegation to renew the agreement and considering the latest situation to prepare preliminary works to build the pipeline held Tuesday morning in presence of Petroleum Minister Bijan Zangeneh and Omani Minister of Oil and Gas Mohammad bin Hamad al-Rumhi.

During the meeting, representatives from companies like French Total, Shell (Dutch-British), South Korean Cogs, German Uniper and Japanese Mitsui were present and offered their proposals for possible participation in the project.

Zangeneh said that we reach sum up on ways to implement the project until the end of February.

Iran and Oman signed Memorandum of Understanding in year 2013 for exporting natural gas to Oman through a pipeline from under Persian Gulf seabed.

It is due that a part of the gas to be consumed in Oman and the rest of it to turn to Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) and to be exported to the target markets.

Considering opposition of the United Arab Emirates by passing the pipeline from its shallow waters, the pipeline should pass deep waters of the Oman Sea, so it will increase both cost and execution time.

Iranian companies have construction and installation technology to build pipeline in shallow waters of the sea, but they do not have experiences to install pipeline under deep waters and more than one thousand meters, so they should use international companies’ experiences.