Jan 16, 2017, 9:48 AM
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Discovery of tomb building in Seymareh

Tehran, Jan 16, IRNA - Salvage archeological exploration in Pir-Michaeil area of Roudbar Seymareh has resulted in the discovery of a tomb building, architectural space along the river, the old aqueduct, a number of Islamic graves, etc., Public Relations Office of the Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism (RICHT) reported.

RICHT quoted head of the exploration team in the area Ali Sajjadi as saying archeological studies and salvage archeological exploration in Pir-Michaeil area in Roudbar Seymareh were conducted by creating four 10x10 trenches with an aim of saving the area.

The archaeologist said that at the beginning of the work, topographical and archaeological maps of the area were prepared and in the second phase two hectares of the area was brought under archeological survey.

He reiterated that the result of the initial studies so far shows a settlement period in the center of the area dating back to the middle Islamic era and an older settlement period dating back to the beginning of Islam.

According to Sajjadi, in the aftermath of the organic exploration parts of a tomb building with 8.30x8.30 dimensions in the center of the arena and some part of an architectural space in the margin of the river were unearthed.

He said an ancient aqueduct which passes beneath the area was identified in the exploration which was documented and supplementary studies about it will be conducted in the forthcoming plan.

According to the archaeologist, during the exploration a number of Islamic graves in the central trenches were unearthed some of which belong to the secondary burial.

The head of the exploration team further remarked that the salvage explorations in Pir-Michaeil area are located in the Roudbar River Valley at the edge of the terrace of the Seymareh River in the basin of Seymareh Dam.

Sajjadi noted that there is no information available about the appellation of Pir-Michaeil since distant past up to date the area has been known under the same name.

The head of the exploration team added that in the area an architectural building in square shape is observed which is built in stone and gypsum and the people of the region based on their religious ideology believe that it is the tomb of Pir-Michaeil.

The salvation archeological explorations in Pir-Michaeil area in Lorestan are underway upon the permission of the head of the Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism (RICHT).