Jan 30, 2016, 9:12 PM
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Zarif says nuclear deal thwarts scenario of Iranophobia

Tehran, Jan 30, IRNA – Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif said on Saturday that the nuclear deal thwarted scenario of Iranophobia.

Zarif made the remarks in his address to Conference on Iran's Opportunities in Post-JCPOA Era, held in presence of some members of political parties, occupation syndicates, religious minorities, non-governmental organizations and media reporters.
He said that one aspect of this issue is focusing on what a situation was prevented thanks to this nuclear agreement.
'Iran's image was wrongly and by telling lies introduced as a threat to the international peace and security and under the umbrella of portraying such an image they were justifying aggression on Iran,' Zarif said, citing sanctions on Central Bank of Iran.
He said that the visit of the hated prime minister of the Zionist regime to the United States every year and his presence at the UN General Assembly every year and on his way back to Tel Aviv used to be followed by a handful of new sanctions on Iran.
'In mid-summer of 2013 when the nuclear negotiations began, the sanctions had reached such a high level which would have led to full halting of Iranian oil sales; but further intensification of the sanctions was halted in accordance with a new US Congress decision,' said Zarif.
He said that many factors were involved in saving the nuclear agreement from failure, and in fact if even one had went wrong even the US president could not have done anything to save it.
'If such negotiations had not occurred and the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action were not singed there would have taken certain premeditated plans especially designed for Iran,' added Zarif.
Zarif said he believes what the Zionist regime and unfortunately some regional countries are worried about is the emergence of the present day status quo of Iran.
'If Netanyahu imposed so much pressure over the Western and European countries and spent so much energy and so much money to influence the US Congress that they invited him to the Congress without informing the White House, or if we notice that the Saudi regime imposed so much pressure, travelled and bribed to prevent the signing of the JCPOA it was all because they wished to prevent the failure of their long time investments to present a horrendous image of Iran and justify any international act against Iran.'
'One of the achievements of the nuclear negotiations was halting that process and we managed to start a new era, which led initially to undermine and eventually to full termination of the sanctions,' he said.