Iranian aviation industry sanctions were catastrophic

Tehran, Jan 29, IRNA – Executive chief of Center for Asia-Pacific Aviation (CAPA) said on Friday Iranian aviation industry sanctions were inhumane and a catastrophic tragedy, expressing hope that world nations will never again witness the occurrence of such illogical events.

'World aviation industry's relations with Iran were restored after many years of sanctions with Iran again and we hope long strides will be taken and relying on cooperation and investments of foreign companies the Iranian nation, too, will be benefitted from modern and high quality aviation services in near future,' said Peter Harbison in an interview with IRNA.
Referring to the Iranian roads of rural development minister's comments a few days ago on purchasing 140 new planes within the next months and increasing the Iranian passenger air fleet into 500 planes within the next five years, he said that this is a great and unique opportunity for the plane builders, spare part producers, maintenance and overhauling and leasing companies of the world.
He expressed hope that keeping in mind the potentials and needs of the growing Iranian aviation field, the enthusiasm to be competitive among the top world aviation companies, and the world companies interest in making investments in Iran, improving the air travel services to the Iranians will soon reach the international standards' level.
The CAPA top manager said that the prerequisite for making foreign investments include decreasing the hazards against investments as much a possible and possessing the required financial assets and transparent legal apparatus.