Jan 29, 2016, 9:40 AM
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1st Chinese cargo train departs Yi Wang for Iran reviving Silk Road

Beijing, Jan 29, IRNA – China's 1st cargo train left Yi Wang City in China's Zhejiang province through the revived railroad path that connects China to Middle East on one of ancient Silk Road paths on Thursday.

The container-carrying cargo train left the Chinese province in the East side of that ancient country and is carrying small-sized Chinese products, such as electronic devices and spare parts for mobile sets.
The investor company for the economic project, Tianmen Co., has announced that this first Chinese train connects China not only to Iran, but to the entire Middle East region.
According to the program designed for this train, it will leave China through Alata Passage in Muslim residing Chinese province of Sinkiang and it will then pass through Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan republics before entering Iran.
The 10,339 kilometer distance that this first China-Iran cargo train will pave will take 14 days.
China expects to boost its Middle East trade using this part of the newly revived ancient Silk Road, including its already blossoming economic ties with Iran.
Yi Wang is one of China's most famous industrial cities with factories producing small items and many Middle East merchants, including dozens of Iranians are running businesses there.
Some 4,000 economic activists from the Middle East, including Iranians, have established 180 trading companies in Yi Wang, the volume of whose annual trade with the Middle East was $800 million in the year 1015.