Rouhani: Silence for short-term interests against terrorist groups unwise

Tehran, Jan 28, IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani said on Thursday that silence in dealing with terrorist groups and those backing Daesh terrorists is not advisable.

Speaking to a group of intellectuals and political and international researchers in Paris, he said it is quite evident that who purchases Daesh oil, which oil refinery refines their crude oil and also who provides them with sophisticated weapons.

'My question is that why all have kept mum instead of dealing with the issue and uprooting terrorism,' asked the Iranian president.

Intelligence services and those backing these terrorists groups are now regarding them as grenade without safety pin ring, he said.

Some 17,000 Iranian have been victimized by terrorist measures, said President Rouhani, adding that Iranian people were very sorrow for the recent painful incident in Paris and Tehran insists that terrorism is a great problem which should be dealt with otherwise it will engulf the entire world.

Ignorance and poverty should be regarded as root cause of violence and extremism in the world, he said.

'The phenomenon could not be uprooted through military means but it requires cultural stride instead,' Rouhani added.

There are many people and tribes in the Middle East region who have been humiliated over sixty years and such humiliation could lead to enmity, he said.

It is not fair to judge about some 1.3 billion Muslims through the ill-behavior of some terrorist groups, President Rouhani said.

Iran's nuclear deal with G5+1 could be regarded as a model in resolving international disputes, he added.

The first leg of European tour took President Rouhani to Italy and he is now in France on his second leg of the European tour.

The Iranian president is to stay in France for two days and is to meet the country's officials as well as business entrepreneurs.