Jan 27, 2016, 11:50 PM
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Switzerland, new destination for Iranian plasma

Tehran, Jan 27, IRNA – Head of Iran Blood Transfusion Organization said the country plans to export blood plasma to Switzerland for the production of plasma-derived medicines.

Dr. Ali Akbar Pourfathollah expressed his pleasure over the fact that the first step toward imposing tariff on blood-transfusion services has been taken concurrent with the implementation of the nuclear agreement and the lift of international sanctions, saying “with the revenues gained from imposing tariff on blood products, the Blood Transfusion Organization is not only able to stand on its own feet and fund its projects but it can also lead to a great evolution in providing services to the citizens.”
“The collected plasma is currently worth around $11 million but with the increase in plasma production in two years up to 250,000 liter in a year as well as up to 200,000 plasma through Plasmapheresis, the value could reach $17 million,” he said, MNA reported.
Pourfathollah referred to the 100% production of Factor IX and IvIG from Iranian plasma, adding “once we reach this stage, we can produce 40% of the country’s need for coagulation factor VIII and 60% albumin from Iranian plasma.”
The Blood Transfusion Organization head also maintained that Switzerland will be the next destination for Iranian plasma, adding “given the consultations held with the Swiss Ministry of Health, the pharmaceutical companies in that European country will soon start producing plasma-derived medicine from Iranian plasma.”