Jan 27, 2016, 11:39 PM
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President Rouhani welcomes French investment, technology transfer

Tehran, Jan 27, IRNA – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday that there is no barrier on the way of cooperation between Iranian and French firms and that Tehran welcomes French capital and technology and establishment of regional and international markets.

He made the statements in Paris on Wednesday evening during a meeting with French corporate managers union (Medef) members in which the host country's minister of foreign affairs and economy were also present.
Taking part in the meeting shortly after arrival in Paris, Rouhani said the top-ranking Iranian representatives' visit to France indicates their readiness for high-level cooperation with the French economic activists.
'I believe that your participation in the meeting also indicates your readiness for participation Iran's economy which abundant with advantages and capacities.'
Highlighting the new conditions following the nuclear agreement which have facilitated furthering economic cooperation, he called for taking the emerging opportunities and expedite preparing of the banking and insurance preliminaries.
He referred to the interest of both public and private sectors in Iran and France for bilateral cooperation and said Iran welcomes foreign investment and transfer of technology.
Saying that Iran and France used to have close economic ties, he said exchange of visits between the two countries' business people has prepared the ground for expansion economic and trade relations.
'Energy, oil, gas, agriculture, modern technology, automobile industry, mining, telecommunications, modernization of air fleet and railways, and tourism cooperation along with scientific, political, and regional collaboration are appropriate opportunities for joint ventures,' he added.
He stressed that Iran and France are determined to secure the interests of their nations and that their bilateral ties will not be a threat to any third party, rather an advantage for the Middle East region and peace and stability.
He assured the French corporate representatives of their investment security and fair profits and said, 'It is imperative that we take our steps in calculated manner and fast.'
French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius expressed satisfaction over President Rouhani's visit to Paris and said, 'We have to open a new chapter in our cooperation and increase relations at all areas.'
'Iran is a great country with bright prospects. French companies are seriously determined to start comprehensive cooperation with Iran,' he said.
Also French Minister of the Economy, Finance and Industry Emmanuel Macron hailed the opportunity of enhanced ties with Iran and said, 'We are interested in using every channel of investment for development of bilateral relations.'
'All representatives of the major French firms for economic, aviation, airport, railways, and energy infrastructures are determined to participate in the strategic and regional market of Iran,' he added.
The French participants of the meeting from giant companies including Total, Airbus, Orange, Peugeot, Medef, Alstom, and Renault who were upbeat over President Rouhani's visit, said they are ready for expansion of relations with Iran.

President Rouhani's four-day state visit to Italy and France is the first by an Iranian head of state after implementation of the nuclear Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JPCOA) aimed at expansion of bilateral ties with European countries after removal of anti-Iran sanctions.

Negotiations have been focusing on bilateral relations as well as regional developments as Iranian and European statesmen in Rome and Paris have been conferring and signing agreements and contracts on energy, economic, industrial and trade relations.