Jan 27, 2016, 6:57 PM
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India to speed up investment in Chabahar Port

New Delhi, Jan 27, IRNA – Following Iran's warnings to India to expedite investment in Chabahar port, New Delhi has called on Indian ministries of railway, transportation, oil and gas and finance to take speedy action to implement their projects in Chabahar.

Iran's Ambassador to New Delhi Gholam-Reza Ansari in a speech at West Asia Conference in New Delhi criticized India's delay in implementing the important projects and said New Delhi should make hasty decisions on such projects as Chabahar.
Ansari said the Indian private sector is highly interested in making investment in Chabahar but the government of the country does not show any willingness in this concern.
The Iranian envoy said India had in the past acted cautiously in implement important projects but the country should know that conditions have changed in west Asia.
He said he had been recommended over the past three years to be patient with respect to Iran-India important projects but questioned whther India is willing to lose such excellent opportunities through its delays.
The India Express wrote on Wednesday that now out of the harsh Western sanctions, Iran has hinted to India that it could lose out on Chabahar port and the associated railway line to Zahedan if there was further delay by New Delhi in providing monetary support for them.
“A number of economic projects with Iran are required to be implemented at the earliest. The Iranian government has stressed to us at high levels the urgency to extend the necessary financial support for these projects without further delay,” India’s foreign ministry informed the relevant ministries last week.