Jan 27, 2016, 4:49 PM
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UK industrialists keen on cooperation with Iran on infrastructure

London, Jan 27, IRNA - 'Simon Moore' International Director for Confederation of British Industry said on Wednesday that he expects improvements of UK and Iran trade ties in light of nuclear deal and that the UK industrialists are keen on cooperation with Iran on infrastructure.

He said that the British industry sector is willing to cooperate with Iran mainly on infrastructure including railway and air transport.
Meanwhile, Iranian charge d’ affaires said that Iran has discussed about rebuilding Iranian Airport and 'I think there are substantial British expertise in this field.'
There is also water industry, which produce significant benefit for Iran by using British technology there.
And finally the broadest infrastructure would be financial.
Q. What are the obstacle in relation to improving trade relations with Iran?
A. The stumbling block is with the financial sector.
I think the clarity required from the Americans over US dollar clearing is very important; The US money authorities need to clarify what their position is in respect of Iranian trading.
Q. What would be British firm position, should the next US president have hostile views towards the nuclear deal?
A. It is very difficult what the outcome of the US election going to be.
I don’t think you should draw the conclusion that there is going to be a hostile outcome.
There is clearly a very strong challenge in the democratic party and there is no reason why the continuation and the fantastic progress led by John Kerry in achieving this agreement shouldn’t continue
I do not assume for a minute that we are going to have trouble in presidency and that’s going to wreck everything.
That’s obviously one outcome; It hails democracy as we don’t know what the outcome would be.
So there is a series of outcome and once we know what the outcome of the election is, we will have to respond to.