Supreme Leader: Those loyal to Islamic Republic must go to Majlis (UPDATES)

Tehran, Jan 20, IRNA – Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei said on Wednesday that those loyal to the Islamic Republic must go to parliament sharing views with Guardian Council rejecting eligibility of dissidents.

The Supreme Leader made the remarks in a meeting with officials in charge of executive works for parliamentary election and the fifth election of the Assembly of Experts.

The outgoing members of parliament are critical of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and have initiated several motions to impeach members of cabinet of President Hassan Rouhani.

President Rouhani enjoys support of the Supreme Leader for the JCPOA and encouraged the Guardian Council to okay eligibility of the reformist applicants for the parliamentary seats to sideline the radicals creating obstacles for the government.

Supreme Leader said that the US has not changed and the government must exercise vigilance to thwart any attempt by the US Administration to violate its commitments to JCPOA.

Calling the next two upcoming elections 'very important and big' and emphasizing that election is a national competition and race, the Supreme Leader said in the competitions, any win or loss is in fact meaningless for the nation because in any case, Iranian nation is the real and eventual winner.

'If Iranian nation enters the scene of elections well, strong and decisive and cast the votes to ballot boxes, the Islamic Republic of Iran will be proud of.'

The Supreme Leader said that he called on the dissidents to go to the polls and cast votes for the eligible candidates.

Ayatollah Khamenei said that the dissidents must cast their votes to appreciate the current security available in the country and the progress and dignity of the nation.

'Of course, those taking part in elections out of their duty and on divine intention, they will definitely prepare the ground for divine consent.'

The Supreme Leader said that he deems widescale turnout and jubilation of the public are the objectives of the elections.

The Supreme Leader said that the Guardian Council must not allow the dissidents to go to the parliament, adding that no government allows the dissidents to go to the lawmaking body.

The Supreme Leader said election is a blessing and a big chance and holding good and healthy elections will be like being thankful for the blessing. 'So, the big honor and move should not be downgraded just because claims and behaviors and uncalculated statements of certain individuals.'

The Supreme Leader thanked President Hassan Rouhani, Foreign Minister and other members of the nuclear negotiating team for their meritorious efforts to lead to termination of the sanctions.

The Supreme Leader recommended, 'Know real America from its conduct this way.'

The Paramount Leader said resistance economy is the main mechanism of solving economic problems. Stressing that officials should seriously follow the process of implementing the programs devised by the country's organs, Ayatollah Khamenei said pinning hopes on the enemy will not be the key to any problem. 'Iran's economy should be strengthened and consolidated in a way that will resist all foreign shocks and not getting affected by them.'

Ayatollah Khamenei said exchange of visits by foreign delegations and conclusion of contracts should not at all harm national industry, production and agriculture; so, officials should be careful.