Similarities between Iran, Italy beyond imagination

Rome, Jan 12, IRNA – Debora Serakiani, the head of a scientific-economic delegation that recently visited Iran emphasizing the need for expansion of bilateral ties, said the existing similarities between the Iranians and Italians were beyond her imagination.

Ms. Srakiani who is a provincial official has told the Italian news agency ANSA that the objective behind the delegation's visit is evermore strengthening of the economic, scientific, technological and cultural ties with Iran, especially with Italy's Forlì-Cesena province.

She praised the Iranians' exemplary hospitality throughout he delegation's visit, arguing that it reminded her of the hospitality of her own nation for the foreign tourists.

'I should say I did not expect seeing this much similarity between the social behaviors of the Iranian and the Italian nations,' she added.

Serakiani and her accompanying delegation had along with the Head of the Board of Directors of the Iranian International Delegations and the Italian Ambassador to Tehran Mauro Conciatori opened Italy's 2nd Exclusive Exhibiton in Iran, titled 'The Contract' a couple of weeks ago.