Jan 5, 2016, 6:02 PM
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Saudis worried about Iran success, Malaysian analyst

Kuala Lumpur, Jan 5, IRNA – Malaysian senior analyst and member of Kuala-Lumpur-based International Studies Center Karim Douglas said on Tuesday Saudi leaders are worried about Iranian success in international scene, adding that it was a crime to execute major religious leader.

'Execution of people has become a regular habit in Saudi Arabia today and the execution of Ayatollah Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, a human rights activist, was quite unwise act which the Saudi officials were not expected to act so unwisely,' said Karim Douglas in an interview with IRNA.
He said that the late sheikh was vocal critic of the Saudi government, asking for the rule of law in his country and termination of some illogical bans in Saudi Arabia, which led to his unwise execution and in turn to international condemnation.
The Malaysian political analyst said that keeping in mind the volatile situation in the Middle East, such as security crisis in Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bahrain, the unwise nature of the Saudis act executing Sheikh Nimr that can lead to further aggravation of the tension.
Douglas said that the Saudis' policies are in line with the old British policy of divide and rule, the last similar cases of which were the massacre of Nigerian Shia Muslims and arresting their leader Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqub Zakzaki and escalating ethnic tension in Pakistan.
'The Saudi executions lead to lots of international protests every year, but this year due to the unjustifiable conduct of the Saudis in Yemen, Bahrain, Iraq and Syria the international condemnation, especially by human rights activists, can truly get out of control,' he said.
The senior Malaysian analyst meanwhile opined that the US interventions in the region are among the factors leading to further intensification of the regional tensions.
Karim Douglas praised President Hassan Rouhani's détente policies which have after decades led to opening the gates of hope for Iran's successful entry into the constructive international interactions, which he said the Saudis are more than displeased with such successes.