Jan 5, 2016, 12:12 PM
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MP slams attack on Iran's Saudi missions

Tehran, Jan 5, IRNA - Head of Iranian parliament’s research center Kazem Jalali slammed the attack to the Saudi missions in Iran as a wrong and impulsive act.

Talking to reporters on Tuesday, he criticized the act of a few self-willed persons who attacked Saudi embassy on Sunday.

He said what they did was wrong and violated diplomatic norms.

He said Iran was duty-bound to observe regulations regarding immunity of diplomats. So such behavor just discredits Iran with the world public opinion.

He said diplomats are considered as the guests of the country hosting them and their presence should be respected according to the international standards except the ones who might indulge in espionage actives against the host country.

Even at such cases, he said, the case should be dealt with through proper channels not by self-willed acts.

He urged security official to strongly deal with the case and confront those who committed the wrong actions to prevent their repetition in the future.

Turning to the execution of the Shia scholar Ayatollah Nimr al-Nimr by Saudi Arabia, he described it as a crime against a person who never took up arms nor invited others to do so.

The parliamentarian said Saudi Arabia should stand accountable for what it did to the prominent Shia figure.