Oct 11, 2015, 9:25 PM
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Al-Baghdadi wounded, 3 terror aides killed in Iraqi air raid

Baghdad, Oct 11, IRNA – Iraqi fighter jets' bombardment of a convoy of terrorists' on Sunday led to getting wounded and killed of a large number of terrorists, including injury of Daesh ringleader al-Baghdadi and killing of his deputies, al-Shishani, al-Suri and al-Karbuli.

An informed source told IRNA Sunday night that al-Shishani was in charge of Daesh propagations and Abu Saed al-Karbuli was one of the top commanders of the terrorist group, who all were killed in the air raid.
Abu Anis al-Suri and someone called Omar, of the commanders of Abu Kamal region in Syria, too, are among the deads.
The source also said that the air raid of the Iraqi fighter jets was launched after receiving precise information on a meeting of the Daesh leaders in the presence of al-Baghdadi in Al-Karabeleh.