Russia helps fighting terrorists in Syria/ Pakistan supports Assad: Pak new envoy to Syria

Islamabad, Oct. 6, IRNA -- Pakistan's newly appointed ambassador to Syria says Russia has come to help fighting terrorism in Syria but its air strikes need to remain focused only on terrorists.

In his first interview after being appointed by Pakistan government as country’s ambassador-designate to Syria, Retired Air Marshal Athar Hussain Bukhari told Iran’s state news agency IRNA on Tuesday that Pakistan is already supporting Bashar al-Assad as the legitimate president of Syria and if Syrians again vote for President Assad, Pakistan also will support it.
Athar Hussain Bukhari will leave Islamabad for Damascus by the end of this month as new ambassador to Syria.
To a question on Russian ongoing military operation against Daesh terrorists in Syria, the ambassador said,'Russia has come to help fighting terrorism in Syria but its air strikes need to remain focused only on terrorists and they should be careful not to harm Syrian people because it can even escalate the situation in the country.
“If they have come for combating terrorism in Syria, that’s OK but they must remain focused on targeting terrorists only and if the Syrian groups or people are killed in Russian air strikes, things will get escalated in Syria.”
Pakistan ambassador-designate to Syria further said, 'We condemn all kinds of terrorism in all forms specially Daesh terrorist group which is the biggest threat against the Muslim world.
“We should get united against Daesh terrorist group, fight the group and eliminate it; otherwise the terrorist group not only will harm Syria or Iraq, but if not tackled seriously and properly, will enter other Muslim countries as well and will harm them.
Commenting on the best solution to Syria situation, the diplomat said, 'It is the right of Syrian people and not anyone else to decide about their country and government. Even if they want to change their government, it is up to them and it is only their right to do that and not anybody else and this is the formal stance of Pakistan regarding best solution to Syria situation.
“The best solution to Syria crisis is a political one which includes the opinions of all Syrian people and whatever is the outcome of the people’s demand, will be the best solution and the right way to end the ongoing unrest in Syria,” said Athar Hussain Bukhari
“Anybody or any government selected by Syrian people in a free election, absolutely will be the best for the country.”
Meanwhile, he said that to finish or reduce the ongoing unrest in Syria, those Syrian people who have taken arms and are against the current regime, should also have the right to participate in the elections and this must be part of the political process necessary for bringing a better and stable situation in Syria.
To a question on Iran’s role in fighting terrorism in the region, the Pakistani diplomat said, 'Iran is already helping regional countries fighting Daesh and its role is appreciated. In Syria also Iran’s help is required to fight Daesh.
“Syrian people need help right now to cope with the terrorism and Iran is helping now. Russia also has come to help but the fighting must be focused towards Daesh and al-Nusra Front terrorist groups.'